10 Most Watched YouTube Videos Of 2018

The world is obsessed by colours, baby bath time, animals and dads who doze off...

YouTube Logo 2018

What were you watching on YouTube in 2018?

The latest music videos, perhaps, or how about those clips from Jimmy Kimmel Live that always seem to sneak through no matter what your subscription preferences are. Maybe it was some gaming longplays (thousands have lost a few hours watching some determined sod battle his/her way through Dark Souls, admit it) or those endless streams of cat vids clogging up channels.

We're willing to guess it wasn't some Russian boiled eggs teaching the difference between blue and green, Spider-Man chilling out with some blonde-haired kid in his back garden or a little tyke fixing farm machinery with his toys. If you weren't watching it, then who was?

Millions of people around the world, that's who. Thanks to the magic of Thrillist and analytics service Tubular, we now know what the most popular YouTube videos of 2018 were. Music vids are exempt from this, obviously, otherwise there'd be no room for anything else.

Besides, it's more fun this way. Why watch Lady Gaga when you can lose yourself in a world of complete and utter weirdness. Wait...

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