10 Murder Trials That Shocked The World

From OJ to Fritzl, these cases kept you up all night.

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Nothing shocks the public quite like an unusual murder trial. In one sense there is a fascination with the actual killer, with most "normal" people being unable to comprehend why someone would carry out such an act.

Yet the public also follow murder cases because they want to ensure justice is served - they want to make sure that killers are sentenced appropriately for their heinous crimes.

Televised murder trials in particular draw attention, but even in Britain - where cameras are not allowed inside the court room - the public remain interested in finding out details of the alleged crimes and resultant sentences via media and newspaper reports.

For example, names like Jack "the Ripper", Myra Hindley and Ian Huntley remain infamous due to the fact they murdered people. Some murder cases have shocked the world because they involved public figures, such as OJ Simpson's trial, while others had such a global impact because they remained unsolved for a long period before the person finally convicted denied their involvement, such as the case of the Lindbergh Baby.

However, there were also those cases that were so sadistic, unusual and violent that they drew worldwide media attention - including Anders Breivik's terrorist attacks and two-year-old James Bulger's murder at the hands of a pair of 10-year-old's.

In truth, this list could have included tens of cases, including Hindley's and Huntley's in particular, but it has been narrowed down to 10 murder trials that had a global or at least multi-national impact. So, here are 10 notorious murder trials that shocked the world.

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