10 Mysterious Places You Aren’t Allowed To Visit

What do Disney, Coca-Cola and the Vatican all have in common?

Vatican City
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The world is a mysterious place.

How's that for a generic opening line? Don't worry, the genericism stops there, because there's nothing typical about the places explored here. In this article, you'll visit the sensational magic of Disney World, some ominous French caves, the chilling underground of Moscow, the vaults of Vatican City and even one seriously spooky Indian island.

When we say 'visit', we actually mean 'read about', because you've next-to-no chance of actually going to these locations physically. The law forbids it for most and you'd need to be a high and mighty socialite to have a chance of sneaking into others.

That's fine, don't sweat it. Once you read about some of these locales and their history, it's probably for the best that they're not open to the general public...

10. Club 33 In Disney World, United States

Disneyland Club 33 Door

Unless you're willing to fill out the forms and wait on a 14-year waiting list, visiting Disney World's elusive Club 33 will be tough. Oh, you didn't know that there's a secret range of night clubs inside the amusement park? Well, there is, and it used to be one of Disney's biggest secrets.

Anyone who has waited in line for a ride on Splash Mountain will know the agony of endless queuing all too well. It's at these moments adult visitors must crave an alcoholic beverage to cure their ills. Inside Club 33, that's possible, and it remains one of the only places in Disney World that sells booze to this day.

Club 33 opened just 6 months after Walt Disney's death in 1967. Since then, it's become legend amongst park lovers who wonder what's behind those doors. The interior also includes a Disney shop, because apparently even exclusive night spots must be plagued by blatant consumerism.

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