10 Niggling Harry Potter Questions JK Rowling Must Answer

What were all the witches and wizards Down Under doing while Voldey was on his siege of terror?

Harry Potter fans: never fear, this isn't an interrogation over your favourite creator of magical worlds. Beloved by all, and regardless of whatever inconsistencies there are in the books and films, J K Rowling for forever be held dear in fans of all ages, big and small. Rowling herself commented on any flaws that have appeared in the book, saying: "As obsessive fans will tell you, I do slip up! Several classrooms move floors mysteriously between books and these are the least serious continuity errors! Most of the fansites will point you in the direction of my mistakes. But the essentials remain consistent from book to book because the story has been plotted for a long time and it is clear in my mind". But depsite the fact that fans are content with her defence and no one since has created a story so vivid and endearing since the first harry Potter book arrived on in book shops, there are still some questions that need answering.
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