10 Novels Strongly Connected To Stephen King's The Dark Tower

There are other worlds than these...

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed. That iconic lined opened up The Gunslinger, the first novel of what would become a multi-volume series spanning decades until its completion: The Dark Tower.

Stephen King's The Dark Tower series is his magnum opus; the culmination, in a sense, of his life's work. It's a gathering together of all the worlds he has created through dozens of novels spanning multiple decades, and at some point in the next few years, a massive feature film adaptation of the series will be launched. An epic fantasy crossed with a Sergio Leone western mixed with sci-fi elements and horror, it's unlike anything else in King's catalog even while binding his voluminous output together.

The journey to make the series into a big screen production - a journey that, after many long years finally comes to an end next year - makes this a perfect time to examine some of the books connected to The Dark Tower, which itself spanned seven novels, plus an eighth standalone story (The Wind Through The Keyhole) published after the conclusion of the original series.

If you want to just read the core novels of The Dark Tower, go right ahead. If you want to connect the dots, here are ten other important works linked to the series.


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