10 Obscure Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novels That You Need To Read

Stories from modern masterpieces to the bygone dystopias of yesteryear.

Faber and Faber

Despite what we may tell ourselves, reading has become something of a chore among the quick and consumable bites in this "fast-food" culture, especially the dense volumes that often come with the lofty genres of science-fiction and fantasy. I mean, why sit through more than a thousand pages worth of a stuffy old tome written more than a century ago when somebody has already taken the time to adapt it into a vivid, screen-based experience that you can wolf down in less than a couple of hours?

While it may be tempting to just pop in a disk and zone out for a while, there is actually something deeply satisfying about conjuring up a story within your own imagination where you can choose how the characters look, the vast scope of the worlds they are set in and the wider impact this little tale might have on this particular universe.

And even though we have the likes of Lord of the Rings or The Hunger Games dominating the markets year on year, sometimes there are little gems that crop up if you’re willing to dig a little bit deeper.

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