10 Pick-Up Lines From History That Wouldn't Work Today

10. "You're So Plump And Pasty"

Tanned skin and trim waist-lines are sought after by young women almost everywhere in the modern world. Diet pills, tanning lotions and sun beds have never been in such high demand. However, in past cultures all over the world, the standards of beauty were very different. A full-figured woman was considered to be more fertile and more naturally able to breast feed. They were also assumed to be rich, since they could afford to eat in abundance. Pale skin similarly indicated that a woman was wealthy enough to stay at home instead of working outside in the sun with the peasants. These ideas of beauty date back at least to Roman times, when women would wear shawls called pallas to shade themselves from the sun. So, while calling someone €˜plump and pasty€™ might insult them today, a lot of women in the past would have been thrilled.

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