10 Problems Only People From Gondor Will Understand

Middle Earth problems.

Gondor is the greatest realm of men in all of Middle Earth. Home to stories of heroics and legend that would make King Arthur look like C3PO by comparison, it is rightly revered in both JRR Tolkien and Peter Jackson€™s Lord Of The Rings trilogies. It is the key kingdom of the entire story - basically the Kings Landing of Middle Earth. Battles are fought here, tides of war are turned here and even the title of the last film is named after its king.

Scene of the awesome climactic battle in The Return Of The King, host to one of the most epic speeches of the entire LOTR universe, not to mention the hard hitting sibling drama of the Gondor princes Boromir and Faramir, Gondor is up there with the very greatest kingdoms ever committed to celluloid or page.

But what would it really be like to live in that great realm, aside from bragging rights that you might have bumped into Faramir in the local? Is life in Gondor as majestic as it seems for your average Joe-amir? Herein lie 10 huge problems only normal people from Gondor will understand.

10. Everyone Secretly Hates You

I Hate You Gif

Gondor is basically the Manchester United of Middle Earth. Everyone thinks you€™re the greatest, but they all also think you are a glory supporting oik.

You€™re expected to win at everything so when you don€™t everyone probably loves it.

If The Shire was constantly being raided by orcs the whole Middle Earth would be up in arms, but just because you are a peasant living in the mighty realm of Gondor, you get nothing.

Come to think of it, the hatred isn't even that much of a secret.


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