10 Reactions Everyone Has Visiting World Famous Places

Wait. Really? That's it?!

Hype creates letdowns; something gets built up, and ultimately, there's no way to meet those overinflated expectations. And when it happens with travel, specifically with famous landmarks, it can get quite costly, not to mention disappointing - how infuriating to have come so far and spent so much money, only to be let down by what one sees. The media is to blame for a lot of this; idealized photos are often more attractive and alluring than the truth. And lot of this can also be attributed to the descriptions and photos in guidebooks and travel sites, which are self-interested and promote the best that their respective countries have to offer. Take, for example, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. A first time visitor might think.

10. €œHuh. That's REALLY Close To The City.€

Landmark Attraction: The Pyramids of Giza Location: Giza Plateau Designer/Artist: Old Kingdom Era architects Completed: 2490 B.C. The Pyramids of Giza. The mystical, magical Pyramids of Giza. They've been mythologized in movies, in books, and in music, and most people visualize them in similar fashion. A lot of windswept sand, a mood of loneliness (aside from a few camels, perhaps), and then, the Pyramids €” standing majestically amidst the desolation. But the reality is a bit different. What many people don't know is that the Pyramids are always photographed from one side €” the one facing out towards the desert. If the photographer were to look behind himself, he would see the city of Giza; it is, quite literally, a few miles away. It's become a running joke online, that a tourist can get an excellent view of the Pyramids from the Pizza Hut or the local KFC. It really puts the whole 'Mummy's Curse' mystique into perspective.
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