10 Real-Life Horror Stories That Will Probably Ruin Your Day

You will have nightmares... forever.

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Remember the first time your parents left you home alone? As the evening began, you felt like bursting into a Braveheart-style roar of "Freeeeedom!", but as the night went on you started to freak out at every teeny tiny sound the house made?

This happened to a young girl called Anna, who was fortunate enough to have her dog for bedside company the first night her parents stayed out. She was awakened by a dripping sound in the night, so went to the kitchen to turn the tap off properly.

A little weirded out, Anna got back under the covers and stuck her hand under the bed for a comforting lick from the dog. Sure enough, he licks her hand. The licking and heavy panting reassuringly lulls her back to sleep... although the drip, drip, dripping continued. When she wakes in the morning, Anna goes to her closet... to find her poor dog hanging by the throat, his neck cut. On the wall, written in blood, are the words: "Humans can lick, too."

Of course, that story is absolute bullsh*t. If you really want to frighten the hell out of people around the campfire this Halloween, you best get learning the totally true stories that follow. Fact is scarier than fiction, after all.

We guarantee you'll be crowned Champion of Scarers with this lot - our proof being the fact we've hid under our beds ever since writing this article - and we're not coming out 'til they're gone.

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