10 Reasons You Should Delete Your Facebook Account

It's time to end this madness.

If you€™re reading this, and you don€™t have a Facebook account, then congratulations: you€™re one of the privileged few. That€™s what it seems like, anyway €“ that people without Facebook profiles are few and far between in this day and age. That can€™t be the case though, right? There are six billion people on the planet, and even Facebook€™s best guess is that they have around 1.3 billion active monthly users, a figure that€™s probably manipulated from real statistics to keep their stock price as high as possible. So that€™s got to mean that, conservatively, at least 78% of the people living in the world today don€™t have €“ or at least, don€™t use €“ a Facebook account. But do you know any of them? Chances are you do€ but Facebook is so omnipresent in people€™s lives that you may not realise you do. That 78% of the population of Earth are probably getting on just fine without it, though. Have you ever thought of joining them? We have to admit, we've considered it from time to time€ when the design of the site was at its most irritating€ when news stories scared us with fresh privacy horrors€ when our newsfeeds seemed full of people we couldn€™t care less about€ when we found ourselves wasting a lunch hour, or even a day off work, aimlessly refreshing a single page€ we thought to ourselves, why are we actually doing this? Consider this article your lone voice, crying in the wilderness (although it€™s not alone, by any stretch of the imagination€ plenty of people are beginning to say the same thing). Let€™s stand up and do something about it. Let€™s delete our Facebooks. Here€™s why.

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