10 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Date More Than One Person At Once

The more the merrier.

The key word here is 'date' which is completely different from being in an actual relationship. If you're dating someone who wants to make things official, then a Facebook relationship status change will shortly follow and, unless you've both sat down and decided to have an open relationship (which sort of contradicts the point in having a relationship in the first place), then you're committed to that one person. Until then, you belong to no one and you have no one to keep happy but yourself. Dating more than one person at once shouldn't be frowned upon because it's not like you're committing a crime, it's not immoral and if the other people that you're dating are okay with that, then what's the problem? Chances are, they're probably doing the same thing because it just seems illogical on turning down a potential match just because you're getting to know someone else. If you're allowed to have more than one best friend, you can go out for dinner more than once week, because somewhere, that makes sense. But seriously, dating more than one person at once does not make you a bad person and it definitely doesn't make you evil if you sort of like the attention and being kept on your toes. So go forth, and experience the pleasures of dating multiple people at once (just make sure they don't run in the same circles).

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