10 Reasons Why Zodiac Killer MAY Have Been Solved

The most notorious modern true crime case might FINALLY be solved.

Zodiac Paul Doerr
SFPD, LA Mag & David Frohwein

There's perhaps no serial killer in modern history more fascinatingly elusive than the Zodiac, who between December 1968 and October 1969 is confirmed to have murdered five people in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has himself claimed to have killed 37 victims.

Over 50 years later, Zodiac's identity remains unconfirmed despite a number of prominent suspects, and barely a few months ever pass without sleuths bringing a new candidate forward.

But the most recent suspect just might be the most compelling one yet. In Jarett Kobek's book How to Find Zodiac, published this past February, Kobek's research pointed to Paul Doerr, a Vallejo resident at the time of the murders who passed away in 2007.

Though Kobek's book released to little fanfare, it was given a major signal boost last month by true crime writer Paul Haynes, who posted an epic 40-tweet thread detailing the book's most eye-opening findings.

The thread is absolutely worth reading in its entirety, and while the "evidence" is all entirely circumstantial, it collectively paints quite the persuasive account of Doerr's possible guilt.

While it remains to be seen whether or not the San Francisco Police Department will entertain Doerr as a suspect and run his fingerprints opposite the partial Zodiac print on file, these are the 10 most compelling arguments for Doerr indeed being Zodiac...

10. Paul Doerr (Mostly) Matches The Physical Description

Zodiac Paul Doerr
LA Mag, Gloria Doerr & We Heard You Like Books

The most immediate link between Doerr and the Zodiac Killer? He consistently matches the physical descriptions made of Zodiac by survivors and eyewitnesses.

Doerr was 42 years old in 1969, when Zodiac was said to be anywhere from 35 to 45, of equivalent height, similarly sported a crew cut, and looked not dissimilar to the famous composite sketch of Zodiac made by police officers believed to have encountered him.

And while the photo of a young Doerr shows him without glasses and sporting a beard, according to Doerr's own daughter Gloria, he periodically wore glasses throughout his life and also switched between facial hair and clean shaven styles.

Though Doerr's weight yo-yoed throughout the 1970s, he indeed had the same "stocky" build that was used to describe the Zodiac at the time his crimes were perpetrated.

While Doerr largely matching Zodiac's apparent physical attributes doesn't alone make him a prime suspect, when tied together with the rest of Kobek's findings it certainly adds fuel to the fire.

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