10 Ridiculous War Weapons You Won't Believe Were Developed

War is hell. And more often than not, stupid...

Schwerer Gustav War is hell. It's violent, it's depressing, and a lot of the time it's pointless and sees thousands of people die senselessly. But it also seems to be a driving force behind human ingenuity. Along with when we're trying to impress the opposite/same sex, it seems like mankind is most driven to innovate when our end goal is massacring each other. Which is probably why wars always seem to produce a lot of technological breakthroughs. But as well as the advances that come from war, there are a lot of dead ends. Especially when it comes to weaponry. Yes, war may produce iconic and efficient weapons like the Spitfire and the AK-47, it's also a breeding ground for weapons so unbelievably stupid that they're on par with the rubbish we doodled in our notebooks as teenagers. And these are ten of the really ridiculous ones...
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