10 Ridiculously Expensive Lego Sets You Can Buy Right Now

Remember the good old days of clicking bricks together to the price of....HOW MUCH!?

With the recent resurgence of Lego as a popular brand, children and adults alike have welcomed new releases from the Danish toymakers. Perhaps most intriguing is the new official Simpsons house, which comes complete with the titular family, authentic interiors and annoying/loveable neighbour Flanders. But with a hefty price tag of £179.99, it seems Lego may be adding a little too much value to their multicoloured bricks. Brand new and exclusive Lego sets can see serious cash transactions online too. Taking a look at both the official Lego site and Amazon UK, you can see prices which are simply ridiculous. No matter how much you'd like to re-enact the Battle of Hoth, visit Hogwarts or create the Eiffel Tower with Lego, the cost makes the prospect almost unthinkable. So if you've been looking for a means to frivolously spend your money, look no further! This list compiles ten of the most ridiculously expensive Lego sets available right now on Amazon and through Lego.com:

10. Maersk Line Triple E - £109.99

Recreate Captain Phillips with your very own Maersk container ship...

9. Grand Emporium - £132.99

Who needs real jewellery when you can own a whole store...

8. R2-D2 - £149.99

This isn't the droid your wallet is looking for...

7. Sydney Opera House - £249.99

G'day mate! Cancel that flight to Australia and get this...

6. Sand Crawler - £249.99

Or try this space-opera instead...
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