10 Sci-Fi Tech That's So Close We Can Barely Contain Ourselves

The future is now.

Science fiction has managed to predict a lot of things throughout the years. From mobile phones to the moon landings, writers have always be one step ahead of the curve when it comes to imagining what the future might bring. As young, starry eyed whippersnappers, we dreamt futuristic dreams of electric sheep in electric fields, hoping that one day we could live in a world with mobile communication devices and virtual reality specs.

Well, many of our childhood dreams have already come to life, so like true innovators with short attention spans, we're already looking even further forwards. Now, we could be looking at the next generation of futuristic technology, as predicted in the sci-fi of today, becoming a reality in the near future. Who knows, in a few years€™ time, you could fall off your hoverboard because you were paying too much attention to your head-up retinal display and simply fix your scraped up knees with nanobots. As fanciful as it seems now, just look back to the times before Google, iPhones and Supanoodles, and you'll see just how far we've come,

Those sci-fi writers had best get their thinking caps on, because it looks like the scientists are catching up.

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