10 Serial Killers Who Got Away With It

10. The Craigslist Ripper

Number of murders: Up to 17

Dates active: 1996-2013 (roughly)

Amongst the picturesque homes and beautiful beach dunes scattered about Long Island’s south shore, there is also a chilling past. Over a span of nearly 20 years, as many as 17 young women and one man were found dumped along the beautiful coastline and thick roadway vegetation of Ocean Parkway. The killer targeted young women who were prostitutes and, in many of these cases, the missing women had been advertising their services on the popular selling website ‘Craigslist’, hence the nickname, luring them in with the prospect of service and then strangling them to death.

One of the creepiest cases linked to this murderer happened in July 2009. 24-year-old Melissa Barthelemy went missing from her Bronx apartment, and what followed will haunt her family forever. In the months following her disappearance, someone who is believed to be the killer taunted her younger sister Amanda, calling and texting her multiple times off Melissa’s mobile phone. He revealed to her unknowing family that Melissa was a prostitute and continued to harass the 15-year-old for months before it all abruptly stopped in August 2009, when a TV station revealed their existence. Melissa’s skeletal remains were then found along with four other women in shallow graves in December 2010.

Also known as the ‘Long Island Serial Killer’ and ‘The Gilgo Beach Killer’, this murderer has still not been caught to this day... even after his sinister chit chats to one of his victim’s sisters.


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