10 Serial Killers Who Turned Themselves In

When murderers reach their breaking point.

Ed Kemper
Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office

Our collective fascination with serial killers is undeniable, evidenced no better than by the popularity of glossy TV docu-dramas such as Netflix's brilliant Mindhunter and the compulsively watchable documentary series Making a Murderer.

Digesting a killer's activity once they've been safely brought to justice makes for morbidly fascinating reading or viewing, and while their capture is usually the result of a colossal manhunt, occasionally the killer will actually end up turning themselves over to the authorities.

Whether tired of life on the run, content that their mission is complete or occasionally proving genuinely remorseful, these heinous killers all made the decision to surrender to the police, knowing full well it would lead to their incarceration and possible execution.

In some cases, however, prison life seemingly proved tough enough that the murderers decided to add one final kill to their tally - their own.

From those estimated to have taken up to 100 lives, to others guilty of "only" a few, these infamous serial killers all knew the jig was up and didn't wait to be caught...


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