10 Shocking Things You Can See On Google Maps

Stop looking at your own house and find these.

Plane Crash

You might know Google Maps as "that thing which lets you virtually navigate your own street whenever you're bored" (seriously, just go outside), or as "the essential application for anyone looking to track down famous celebrities in order to stalk them for an unprecedented amount of time" (whatever), but it's also proven itself to be rather adept at capturing some surprisingly shocking and unexpected things that just so happened to be occurring at the exact moment when those Google cars decided to snap a few pictures of our good planet Earth.

That's to say, given the fact that Google Maps' purpose is to render the entire world in a series of still, inter-connecting virtual images, it's entirely possible to stumble upon all kinds of bizarre scenarios, objects and - yes - unidentified anomalies as you randomly navigate the globe online.

The chances of you stumbling upon one of these instances on your own are pretty slim of course, unless you spend an inordinate amount of time looking at maps (in which case, get out more), which is why it's good that someone else has put the hard work in and found 10 of the most shocking things that you can currently see on Google Maps.

Who knows what else is out there, just waiting to be found?

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