10 Signs That We're Headed For The Robot Uprising

Are you ready to accept our new overlords with open arms?

I, robot gun
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For some, the robot uprising is a work of science fiction that will never come to fruition. For some, it is an inevitability that we will one day have to either welcome our robotic overlords with open arms, or fight a bloody civil war against our own creations.

The reality is probably somewhere in between.

As robots and artificial intelligence become more and more entwined with our lives, it seems almost certain that there are some parts of our day-to-day existence in which the robots will be "in charge". From self driving cars to factory assembly lines to smart homes, we'll be relying more and more on our robots' ability to think and do for themselves.

Couple this with our fascination for making more and more intelligent, self aware and even empathetic artificial intelligences and you've got yourself a perfect storm.

What will the robotic revolution look like? Probably a bit different to how you imagine it. It might be slow, subtle and even welcome as we offload more and more menial tasks to our synthetic pals.

We might even be living through the very beginning of it already and we wouldn't even know it. Well, except for these few hints...

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