10 Signs You Have Lived In London For Too Long

The Big Smoke does things to you after a while...

London. City of opportunity. Where the streets are paved with gold, jobs and ironic bars. Every year thousands of people arrive in the fair capital of England with a twinkle in their eye, a pocketful of dreams, and a Breville sandwich maker. No-one tells though, that after a few months certain changes may occur. If you are displaying one or more of the traits on this list, it might be time to book a countryside break...

10. You Can't Handle It When You See Someone You Know In The Street

The Patriot Gif Whatculture1 Gif Before London, many people would have been able to stride out into their town or village and been engaged in a chat with someone they know before they could even check in on Facebook. London, however, is a sprawling metropolis with a population of over 8,000,000. Therefore when meetings in person occur that have not been confirmed and reconfirmed at least nine million times by text, phone or WhatsApp, it can surprise even the coolest of customers. Basically the chances of going into town and bumping into someone you know is about the same as watching a film starring George Clooney where he doesn€™t do that weird squinty eyed thing.
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