10 Skills To Help You Survive The Apocalypse

You, er, might want to read this now. Just in case.


The world always seems to be ending. 

Whether it's the Mayan calendar, the Rapture or Weapons of Mass Destruction, there's always someone out there who is convinced that we're all about to meet our maker and they never seem to tire of telling us all about it.

We call them Crazy People.

But, hey, it's gotta happen sometime, and it certainly helps to be prepared when it does. You're going to look pretty silly if zombies start shimmying up your drainpipes and you haven't got a plan of action.

So, what can you do? Never mind trying to save the world from whatever is ending it, leave that to Tom Cruise and the like. Your main focus needs to be keeping yourself alive and healthy. No mean feat when you suddenly no longer have access to electricity, running water or microwave meals.

You'll need to learn how to survive in the wilderness, hunt and trap, purify water, treat wounds and generally keep yourself alive. Think of it as a jolly camping trip, but with more threat of imminent and painful death.

Either that or you could hand yourself over to the zombies early on and work your way up their ranks, it all depends what side of history you want to be on.

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