10 Social Media Screw-Ups From Major Stars

When social media goes wrong...

Have you ever tweeted something that you have later regretted? Or have you ever uploaded a photograph that you€™ve later realised is inappropriate? It€™s probably all well and good for you, all you have to do is go back and delete it, and go on with your life. Celebrities do not have that luxury; they have thousands of followers who will hold them to account for these mistakes. Unlike press conferences and media appearances, celebrities do not have an agent to check that what they say on social media is not going to be damaging. Without this luxury celebrities make many mistakes; from ill informed tweets to illegal images, it seems that most celebrities have had some form of screw up. Some celebrities have had to delete their social media accounts due to the severity of their mistakes, others have been forced to hand over control to their agents and managers due to their inability to show some restraint. This is certainly the case with X-Factor winner James Arthur, whose homophobic tirade not only led to him receiving plenty of deserved criticism, but also further damaged his musical career. Social media can make a career, but they can also break a career if it is not used wisely. This week Donald Trump and Billy Ray Cyrus have made high profile mistakes, but they are by no means isolated incidents...

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