10 Spooky Phantom Vehicle Tales From Around The World

Ghosts aren't the only thing that can come back to haunt you...


In the general sense of the word, ‘phantom’ refers to something that can be sensed, and for the most part dreaded, but not seen.

For some this means a vengeful, or sometimes peaceful, spirit that still hangs around long after its physical body has gone. However, sometimes the rules of the other realm are broken and inanimate objects display signs of life and own will.

Tales of ghost ships and other vehicles have been told for hundreds of years and will probably stick around for a couple hundred more. Often, there is a logical explanation for a so-called ‘phantom vehicle’ but sometimes logic is defied when a specific vehicle appears where it shouldn’t be or does something it shouldn’t be able to.

The world has a whole myriad of stories about phantom vehicles and some date back as far as the 1700s...

10. Lincoln's Funeral Train

Wikimedia Commons

Abraham Lincoln’s remains traveled around the US by funeral train after he was assassinated in 1865. The journey started on 21 April 1865 and culminated in Lincoln’s burial on 4 May. The train was named The Lincoln Special and displayed a portrait of the slain president on the outside.

Legend has it that the funeral train still travels along the route it took all those years ago. Reports from several witnesses say they saw Lincoln’s coffin in the middle of the train surrounded by skeletons in blue coats. It is also said that wherever the train goes, it causes the sky to become dark as clouds move over the moon and there is an instant chill in the air.

Some have even claimed that whenever the phantom train passes by, six minutes of time is lost.

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