10 Strangest Vietnam War Unsolved Mysteries

In the carnage that was the Vietnam War, so many mysteries went by uninvestigated.

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When we discuss conflicts of the 20th century, most people think about the first and second World Wars. After all, the world had never seen that scale of carnage before. There were many bloody conflicts after these, though. Korea and the Falklands are all part of recent memory, but none are as recognisable as the Vietnam War.

We often see films, games, and TV shows that try to present us this time in history. Comedies have even been made to make light of the situation. Few ever get close to representing the fear and carnage of this conflict. Wars are bizarre events. They’re full of confusion, stress, and drug use. Because of this, events can go by uninvestigated.

Wars often find themselves a hotbed of unexplained mysteries, from the criminal to the supernatural. Vietnam had its fair share of both. In this list, we will show a selection of these mysteries. The disappearance of people, unexplained murders, or the possibility of another race are all common themes. Allow us to tell some of these stories as we try to shed light on these truly strange events.

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