10 Strangest World War II Unsolved Mysteries

Just who did give up Anne Frank to the Nazis?

great dictator
The Great Dictator

World War II was the most-widespread and bloody war in history, with upwards of 85 million fatalities between 1939 and 1945. Much is known about the key men involved in the war - notably Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin - and about both the opposing Allied and Axis Powers. In fact, the Second World War is one of the most-discussed and talked-about events in human history, with countless books, films, and TV series about an event that directly affected the majority of the world's population.

Despite the wealth of information that is available on World War II and the various operations involved within it, some mysteries still remain a full seven decades after its conclusion. The whereabouts of the "F├╝hrer Globe", owned by Adolf Hitler and made famous by Charlie Chaplin in his 1940 film The Great Dictator, is unknown for example. Furthermore, what exactly were the mysterious UFOs that appeared during the conflict that became known as the "foo fighters"? Also, the legend of the Bermuda Triangle was given much fuel by the mystery disappearance of Flight 19 in the aftermath of the Second World War.

Here are the 10 weirdest and most-bizarre unsolved mysteries from World War II - and be warned, some of them are extremely freaky...


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