10 Most Terrifying Hauntings Captured On Film

Supernatural encounters or clever hoaxes? You decide.

Ghosts On Film Ghost sightings have been a widespread phenomenon ever since the beginnings of recorded human history, and possibly beyond. There are references to supernatural sightings in ancient texts dating as far back as ancient Egypt, Babylonian religions and classical Antiquity. The most commonly held belief is that ghosts represent the souls or spirits of a dead person (or animal), in a form that can be seen by the living. The details can vary wildly, with reports ranging from ghosts that appear to be completely human and able to be touched, to circular orbs that seem to drift in and out of reality. The idea of ghosts as physical representations of the dead has pervaded human culture across the globe. In particular, many religious practices such as exorcisms and funeral rites are supposed to put the souls of the dead to rest. While a fear of ghosts is common, there are also cultures around the world that embrace the idea of souls returning from the afterlife, with festivals such as China's Ghost Festival and Mexico's Day of the Dead. This list takes a look at 10 of the creepiest ghost sightings that have ever been captured on film. The authenticity of each entry is up to you to decide, but many make a convincing argument of the supernatural's existence. Turning on all your lights and having a pillow to hide behind is strongly recommended!

10. Valentown Museum Sighting

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajqCa2BIXjs Museums have a tendency to be common locations for ghost sightings and hauntings, possibly due to how creepy they look in the dark, with all the dusty artefacts and static mannequins. This video of an alleged ghost sighting takes place in the Valentown Museum in Victor, New York. The Valentown Museum had been the centre of reports about a ghost in the building for many decades, and the curators decided to bring in a team of paranormal investigators to check it out. Multiple stationary IR cameras were set up throughout the building, while the investigators had a look around at night. The video above was the spookiest of all the footage filmed, appearing to show an apparition walk right past an unsuspecting woman.
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