10 Most Terrifying Hauntings Captured On Film

6. Little Boy In The Georgia Cemetery

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C38ZvJjqX4c Now we're getting into the really traditional supernatural sighting territory. Cemeteries are extremely common places for ghost sightings, which is probably to be expected considering their macabre purpose. An Ohio family were on holiday in Savannah, Georgia, when their son filmed what appeared to be a spectral boy running in the distance. The small figure scampers between the tombstones, before seeming to jump and grab onto an overhanging tree branch. Seconds later, the figure drops suddenly, looking as if it just passes directly through the ground below. Sceptics have pointed to the fact that the family have made it very difficult for researchers to study the copyrighted footage as evidence they faked it, but no solid explanation has yet been proposed.
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