10 Terrifying Prehistoric Creatures We Should See In A Movie

There's way more than just Megalodons and Dinosaurs!

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We are fascinated by creatures that act as dangerous predators, and this is evidenced by the excessive amount of films that centre around surviving such beasts. In many cases we look to modern threats such as sharks or apes, but history has a well-assorted cast of animals that have also proved successful.

Famous movies have taken monsters from prehistoric times and turned them into the stuff of nightmares, showing how even long extinct beings can still haunt the modern-day human.

However, in all of these interpretations, there is an effort to stick to the same set-list of scary creatures. For example, Jurassic Park tends to focus on the most well-known dinosaurs, and the ever-popular sea creature features almost always have a connection to the famous giant shark Megalodon. But these are not the only monsters that have existed on earth, and in fact, they often are not even scary as compared to some of the horrors that evolution has produced.

The following animals - if you can even call them that - are simply bone-chilling, and could make powerful villains in creature features, or dark fantasy adventures.

Some of these monsters have appeared in films before, but never to the extent that they deserve.

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