10 Terrifying Vampire Stories For Halloween

Grab your garlic, you're in for a fright.

Vampires are one of the most well known supernatural creatures on earth and each year countless new movies and books are produced about them. But, as if an on-screen pair of fangs were not scary enough, tales of Vampires have long existed outside of the world of fiction and nearly every known culture on earth has its own tales of blood sucking monsters.

These stories all contain eerie similarities with a vampire typically being described as an un-dead creature that haunts the night, causing terror and preying on the blood of unsuspecting victims. Vampires are also believed to be able to turn their victims into vampires as well, dooming them to an afterlife of misery and terror.

According to legend, in order to slay a vampire you must first locate its tomb and retrieve its body. Next a stake must be driven through its heart and some accounts state that its head must also be cut off. Finally, the body of the creature must be set on fire in order to ensure that the demon inhabiting it is completely destroyed.

Throughout history, there have been hundreds of documented reports of vampiric activity and here we collect together 10 of the most terrifying, just in time for Halloween.

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