10 Things Absolutely Nobody Knows The Answer To

Sorry if we blow your collective minds, but, well, it already happened to us.

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Collectively, humanity has done great things with science. We have split the atom, travelled into space, and given a 33-year-old man plastic surgery to make him look the spitting image of teen heartthrob/racist Justin Bieber. Our greatest minds have explained the unexplainable, from Galileo realising that world was round (and being killed for the it) to...whatever it is Brian Cox does.

Look, it made sense when he explained it, but as soon as the show was over we forgot about everything except his dreamy face, okay? Can you really blame us? Explaining things isn't really science's MO, though. All empirical research and scientific theories are supposed to do are posit ideas of what could be, and disproving old ideas, so that eventually we get left with something approaching the truth. The boffins have done a reasonably good job of explaining everything in the known universe so far (and even some stuff about the unknowable, unobservable universes too), but there's still a lot of things that are beyond our grasp, as a species.

Don't freak out or anything, but yeah, we actually don't have that good a hold on plenty of stuff. Don't go all Chicken Little on us - the sky isn't falling or anything - but these 10 examples of things absolutely nobody knows the answer to are just the tip of the iceberg. Sorry if we blow your collective minds, but, well, it already happened to us. Spread the love. Or spread the mass confusion. We forget the saying.

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