10 Things Donald Trump Wants You To Forget

The Donald would prefer these non-presidential moments be long forgotten...

It's not a joke ladies and gents, and it's not a media stunt. Donald Trump really is running for the Presidency of the United States, and he is in it to win it. The business magnate and reality TV star first announced his intentions in June during a speech given in front of his ego shrine, the Trump Tower. Even the most creative politicos couldn't have imagined that "The Donald's" campaign could have picked up so much steam over the last few months. After all, this is the guy whose two previous presidential pseudo-campaigns fizzled out before they even really began. This time, the brazen tycoon is being taken a little more seriously. Currently, all major political polls are showing Trump as the GOP front runner. Yeah, that guy from The Apprentice who shaved Vince McMahon's head on pay-per-view in 2007. That guy could really be the next leader of the free world. Now, no politician is without the occasional closeted skeleton, but Trump has a veritable gold-plated graveyard in his boudoir. His illustrious history has been fraught with controversy and arguably the worst haircut in either business or politics. Whether it€™s failed business ventures, regrettable quips or straight up bad choices, Donald Trump would surely like us to forget these less-than-presidential moments.
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