10 Things Everyone Does In The Shower

There's more to your shower than just washing.

For children, the concept of washing isn't a fun one. You want to do anything but have a wash and you used to make such a fuss about having your weekly bath. As an adult, the shower is like a haven and if you have kids of your own, it's the only place that you can actually have some peace and quiet, for a few minutes at least. Your life changes when you get to a certain age and you think about ways to improve your home life. You'll probably become addicted to buying scatter cushions and candles and then you'll make the ultimate decision of picking out a new shower head and the difference between a fake and a proper power shower is just blissful. Your bathroom can be like a sanctuary and you probably do more things in this room than you think. Let's face it, you think over all of your life decisions in this room. You'll think about when you were saving money and bought the cheap toilet paper and it isn't until you're in the bathroom that you realise how much you regret that decision when it falls apart in your hands. But when you're in the shower, your brain goes crazy with the existential crisis you had when you were turning 21 and now that you're 30, you want to slap your 20 year old self right in the face because you were problem free at that age. So all of those things that you do in the shower are probably what everyone else does too...


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