10 Things You Really Didn't Need To Take A Photo Of

As much as we all love the Internet, it's not without its problems. Indeed, in this regard it is comparable to the Lernaean Hydra of Greek mythology; as soon as one irritating trend on the web dies out several other infuriating crazes will take its place. For example such inane trends as the Charlie Sheen-inspired choruses of 'Winning!' all over the web, people using #Hashtags in a weak attempt at humour on Facebook and €“ perhaps the most damnable of all €“ Rickrolling. The internet is an invention which has brought the world closer together and in doing so has made it possible for trends €“ both good and bad €“ to develop which transcend country and continent. Many of these trends seem to offer absolutely no benefit to the perpetrator. More recently you may remember the 'Neck Nominations' craze which, like a plague, was conceived in Australia and rapidly infected a massive sector of the online community with its advocates desperate to show their friends just how wild they are by guzzling down whatever hideous concoction they can get their hands on. We humans really are a fickle species... With photo-blogging all the craze these days it should come as no surprise that a number of annoying themes have emerged, with internet users the world over uploading millions of photos of things nobody cares about. Here are just 10 of the many things you really didn't need to take a photo of:
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