10 Things We Learned From Eric Weinstein On The Joe Rogan Experience

"It's time to revolt".


Despite all of the craziness going on in the world, Joe Rogan has still managed to quench the thirst of his fanbase by managing to maintain a regular upload schedule with the Joe Rogan Experience.

Joe has even resorted to the near-unprecedented method of occasionally conducting the long-form conversations with guests over a video call rather than in-studio to ensure that his audience can still enjoy their regular mindf*cks courtesy of a wide variety of guests.

In this episode, Joe invited the famed economist, academic, and regular guest of the show, Eric Weinstein to discuss the strange times that we're living in. The pair engaged in a three-hour discussion that touched upon an eclectic mix of subjects from the global crisis, to the state of politics, to some more out-there topics such as the strange mating habits of insects and Michael Jackson's singing ability.

In a world full of misinformation, Joe and Eric attempted to cut through some of the popular myths currently circulating, while still engaging in a entertaining discussion to provide some interesting insights in an episode that is really worth checking out:


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