10 Things We Learned From Infectious Disease Expert Michael Osterholm On Joe Rogan Experience

What does the 'medical detective' think of the Coronavirus.


As ever, Joe Rogan has his fingers firmly on the pulse of the average joe and he's more than aware that most people aren't exactly sure whether to laugh off the recent global outbreak of the Coronavirus or be genuinely worried about the consequences of the virus.

So, in an attempt to further educate himself and his viewers on the important global topic, Rogan invited internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology Michael Osterholm onto The Joe Rogan Experience.

Osterholm broke down exactly what we are dealing with in terms of the Coronavirus, informed people what they can do to protect themselves, what we could have done to prevent or slow down the spread and what the plan is going forward with the virus.

Rogan is known for his entertaining yet informative sit-downs with experts in different fields and with the current focus of the entire globe being squarely on this pandemic, now more than ever people need to understand what is actually happening and what information they should (or should not) be listening to.

It's not all doom and gloom, however, and steps are being taken to combat the virus, but it's a challenging road ahead and one that we are only taking our first few steps down.

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