10 Things You Didn't Know About Andrew Lincoln

Got into acting for the ladies. Stayed for the walkers.

You wouldn't think a zombie apocalypse could really work out well for anybody, but for Andrew Lincoln, the end of civilisation has been an absolute God-send. The 41-year-old starred in several TV dramas before donning the sheriff's hat as Rick Grimes in AMC's live-action adaptation of The Walking Dead comic series. But when the show was first announced, who could have predicted that it would become the most-watched drama series in basic US cable history? The horror series was fired into the mainstream, and broke its own record for the most watched non-sports programme in US TV history, as the Season 5 opening episode drew in 17.3 million viewers, up from Season 4's 16.1 million. Lincoln is the star of the show, with his intense performances as Rick gradually becoming more disturbingly unhinged, and adding far more depth to the 'end of the world' genre than almost any other TV show or film has ever managed to do. Since taking up the prestigious role, Lincoln has solely focused on the hit drama, but once the show concludes with his triumphant end or grisly death, you can guarantee there will be some huge parts offered up to him. But as The Walking Dead gears up to finish its fifth season, here are 10 things (and a couple of spoilers for the first few seasons of TWD) that you didn't know about the man behind everyone's favourite sheriff-turned-zombie-hunter.

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