10 Things You Never Thought You'd Obsess Over In Your Mid 20s

You're not boring, you're not old - you just love a good bargain.

Remember those nights you stayed up €˜til 4am, chatting aimlessly with your housemates about sweet FA, drinking cheap cider in a grimly-lit halls bedroom? We know, we know... that was so excruciatingly five years ago, and the mere thought of it now makes the inner walls of our stomach quiver. What happened to us? Where is that rampant party monster glugging discount booze on a weekday night, then heading to work or uni the next day, fresh as a daisy covered in Febreze? We€™ll tell you what happened. You got old. You creaked into that midway point of your dearly beloved twenties and your maturity gauge flipped to €œbed before midnight€ level. Teenagers are now alien to you; we mean, who is this €œbae€? What in the Lord€™s name is €œon fleek€ and how do we do everything we physically can to avoid being it? Then there€™s the stuff we now love, crave, even lust over. Who€™d have thought we€™d be excited to go sofa-shopping at only quarter of a century on Earth? What devilry could possibly lure us into such terrifyingly mundane interests, when we haven€™t even reached our third decade of existence?
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