10 Times Brad Pitt Made Your Bottom Lip Quiver

Take your shirt off, Brad…

William Bradley Pitt. In the maelstrom of human physical perfection, rarely has a single being elicited so much universal awe as this man. Whether you€™re an admirer of his films, or would simply like him to hold you ever so gently, there€™s a piece of the Brad Pitt pie for everyone. So to speak. For over twenty years he€™s been fawned over by legions of male and female fans, propelling the swoonsome hunk of meat into Hollywood sex-lore. Whatever that is. But strictly from a hetero-male perspective, it€™s likely you fall into one of three categories: one is you can€™t stand the man or his films. Which makes you a liar. Category two is kind of admiring him from afar, bullishly envious of his good looks and ability to make you feel inferior. The final, and probably most common category, is having confusing thoughts every time you see a picture of him with his top off. Whichever way you look at it, it€™s probably safe to say that Brad speaks to the homosexual component in a lot of heterosexual men. More recently, however, a lot of the newsprint about him has focused on his humanitarian work and excellent support of LGBT rights as well as various social and environmental causes. For someone who looks like a debonair sack of sex, that€™s admirable. And let€™s not forget his day job either: behind the dreamy eyes, the pearly white smile, the abs €“ Christ, the abs €“ and that chiselled jawline lies someone who can actually act a bit. He€™s won some stuff too, most notably a Golden Globe for his portrayal of an absolute nutcase in Twelve Monkeys alongside the useless Bruce Willis - not to mention repeatedly flirting with an Oscar. So he€™s not just a pretty face. Mainly though, he is. Just look at it. And much like a fine whisky, Helen Mirren or Andrea Pirlo€™s beard, Brad just improves with age. The passage of time has been brilliantly kind to the man and now he looks like he€™s been carved from pure marble by Michelangelo himself. Which he has. Unfortunately, it isn€™t possible to have him wrapped in a bow for Christmas this year. So you can instead enjoy ten moments of pure Brad Pitt that made you feel all funny inside.

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