10 Tips For Robbing A Bank From A Retired Bank Robber

Not that you should rob a bank. But if you were to.

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Clay Tumey is a hardened criminal. He's robbed numerous banks and perfected his craft so well that he never got caught. In fact, the only reason he ever went to prison was because five months after his final robbery he decided to turn himself in.

After three years paying his debts to society and using his time in prison to change his trajectory in life, Tumey has decided to tell his unique story to the world. The Blue Chip Store is his book that tells his story of crime, prison, and second chances.

To promote this book project, Tumey took to Reddit's popular Ask Me Anything forum to field questions regarding his criminal past. He was straightforward, giving many insights into the process of actually robbing a bank.

And to plainly state this now: this article is in no way encouraging anyone to rob a bank. That is a dangerous, criminal act and can often turn violent. People can die during bank robberies, so read all the following 'tips' as the story of a man who has realized how wrong the decisions that he made earlier in his life were. Don't rob banks. 

The following 10 tips highlight not only some of the methods regarding how Clay Tumey unlawfully took money from banks, but some also show the decisions he's made since giving up that life.

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