10 Tragic Deaths That Happened At Disney Theme Parks

"The Happiest Place on Earth?" Think again.

Walt Disney World is often thought to be "the happiest place on Earth." It's a neat slogan the corporation are keen to drive home at whatever cost; one that has convinced families from across the globe to make the long journey to the Magic Kingdom... and beyond! As a result of this branding, though, you really don't expect a trip to an iconic Walt Disney theme park to turn into a fully-fledged nightmare that ends in certain death. The most you ever want to deal with is long queues and ridiculously priced hotdogs; losing your life is the last thing you'd ever imagine to occur at such an enchanting destination. And yet, despite saving up their money and booking a trip to what is arguably the greatest resort on the planet, some very unlucky people have died at Disney parks over the years. Not all of said deaths were Disney's fault, of course; if you have a heart condition and you ride a rollercoaster, you're putting yourself at risk. But there are some tragedies in which the park itself was clearly to blame - especially where employee deaths are concerned. Here's 10 tragic deaths that happened at Walt Disney theme parks; places, apparently, where "dreams come true." Not in these instances, they didn't.

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