10 Unbelievable Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds

7. Lightning Strikes The Earth 6000 Times

It's said to be a rare occurrence but you'd be surprised just how many times these deadly electric bolts smash through our skies. That is, 100 per second, 6000 per minute, 360,000 per hour or 8,640,000 per day! We need lightning to occur in order to maintain the electrical balance between the surface of the Earth and the atmosphere - it's a vital phenomenon though it's not always pleasant for us humans. In 1998, an entire football team were killed by a bolt of lightning in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Curiously, their opponents escaped the catastrophe completely unharmed. The Croatian's are particularly unlucky when it comes to lightning bolts: one unfortunate motor-biker had his penis struck by lightning during a quick roadside toilet break, and another woman was left with a severely burned anus after a lightning strike entered her body through her mouth and left through her bum. Ouch.

6. Americans Eat 21 Thousand Slices Of Pizza

Pizza is good. Pizza is very good. Americans know this, which is why they eat approximately 100 acres of the cheesy goodness a day. We're suckers for the slices, gorging more than 38 billion dollars worth each year. Pizza restaurants get a hefty bonus during the Super Bowl too, with over half of the American population eating more on that day than any other of the year. And who can guess the number one topping? Well, pepperoni of course. A huge 2.5 million pounds of the meaty topping is sold each year. In India, the most popular toppings are pickled ginger, minced mutton and tofu... in case you were wondering. Man...we're hungry.
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