10 Unsolved Mysteries That May Have Finally Been Solved

These are the fascinating mysteries we may finally have the answers to.

Solway Spaceman

As humans we are fascinated by mysteries. Whether fact or fiction, we can't get enough of stories that don't seem to make sense or seem very out of the ordinary, especially those which have never been solved.

The what ifs and all the speculation is often worse than knowing the actual outcome of a grim mystery, but it also breeds hope that one day that puzzle may finally be solved. There have been several unsolved mysteries throughout history, with some of the most famous and popular being the likes of the ghost ship the Mary Celeste, and the D.B. Cooper hijacking; both having become staples of pop culture.

With thanks to recent developments in technology such as DNA identification and the existence of the internet, many of these previously unsolved mysterious finally have some solutions or explanations. Whilst some can never definitively be solved due to the parties involved passing away or other circumstances, we at least now have credible and plausible explanations for events that have baffled experts for decades.

Here, then, are ten legendary mysteries that may have finally been solved.

10. The Solway Firth Spaceman

Solway Spaceman

In 1964 on a family day out in Burgh Marsh, England, fireman Jim Templeton took a photo of his five-year-old daughter in her new dress. Then when he went to pick up the developed photos, the chemist pointed out that a figure had photo bombed an otherwise perfect image.

Templeton was extremely confused, as he clearly remembered looking through the viewfinder as he took the shot and only seeing his daughter through the lens. He then sent the photo to his local newspaper, who instantly recognised the mysterious figure in the picture as a spaceman. From then on the image spread all around the world as the Solway Firth Spaceman. Templeton and his daughter, along with many people across the globe, were now convinced that they had been visited by a being from another world.

After over 50 years of speculation, an investigation on BBC's The One Show in 2017 wanted to solve this mystery. They, along with other experts over the years, argued that the figure was simply Templeton's wife Annie, who had accidentally wondered into the shot in her blue dress. Due to the settings on Templeton's camera, Annie was hugely overexposed, dying her dress white and creating the spaceman in the photo.

The team went to the exact location, using the same camera Templeton had at hand on the day, and recreated a very similar looking photo proving that the spaceman many have simply just been an accidental photobomb from Annie Templeton.

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