10 Weirdest Celebrity Conspiracy Theories You Won't Believe

Celebrities; they're just like us. Unless they're a mutant lizard sent to Earth to eat garbage.

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The internet loves a good conspiracy theory, and even the least gullible people in the world love reading about how Justin Bieber is a shapeshifting lizard and that Avril Lavigne died 15 years ago.

If you believe such things, conspiracies about celebrities point to hidden order behind the scenes that could help explain why you're not rich and famous yourself. It's because the Illuminati doesn't want you to be.

Meanwhile, if you're the type of rational person that thinks celebrities are simply regular human beings, it's hilarious to read some of the things being spread in the darker corners of the web.

Sure, we've all heard that Elvis is still alive and Tom Cruise is some type of wizard, but it's the more insane conspiracy theories that you'll lose hours of your day reading into. These are the ramblings of deranged people and, just maybe, the well-considered thoughts of adults who have done their research. But mostly the ramblings of deranged people.

Still, these unbelievable celebrity conspiracy theories are just about the most entertaining things on the internet. And if you think that nothing can convince you Jennifer Aniston was secretly behind the Transformers movies, just you wait!

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