10 Weirdest Deaths In History

9. Adolf Frederick

Hans Staininger
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Adolf Frederick was the reigning King of Sweden from 1751 until his death twenty years later. In an alternate timeline, he'd be remembered for being a weak, ineffectual, overall talentless ruler, albeit one who oversaw an extended period of peace and tranquility within the kingdom. He would be remembered as a warm father, a loving husband, and a good-hearted ruler who treated his servants with great generosity and kindness. That's how he WOULD be remembered.

But that's in an alternate timeline. Here, he's remembered for the absolutely buffoonish way he died, though you could very well make the argument that he went out on the highest note of anyone on this list.

In February 1771, at his palace in Stockholm, King Adolf ate what would be his final meal. It consisted of lobster, smoked kippers, sauerkraut, caviar, a whole lot of champagne, and even more of his favorite dessert, semla - 14 helpings of semla, to be precise. Apparently this was too much for his body to take, and he promptly keeled over and died.

Could you count that as a negative? Sure, he died, but he died eating a hefty meal. Is this even the worst way to be remembered?

Who knows? Only one thing is for certain: apparently, you should stop at 13 helpings of semla.

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