10 Weirdest Lovecraft Stories Every Horror Fan Should Read

Best of the weird and wonderful from the wonderfully horrific founder of weird fiction.

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PREFACE: As many of you may know, times are turbulent right now. With the political landscape being how it is, it seemed wrong to delve into an author such as Lovecraft without addressing some of the issues that come with him. Many of these stories that I am about to recommend to you will contain some appalling language and opinions that are of a certain era and have no place in the culture of today. This article celebrates the stories alone, not what they represent.

Nowadays the genre of horror has all but infected our everyday lives. You can't even browse the front page on Netflix without spying the 800th spin-off of the Conjuring franchise. But there was once a time when the idea of horror was limited to the imagination of the storytellers that would spin tales of ghouls, vampires, werewolves and goblins that prowled the misty forests at night looking for scared children to snack on. Effective, but not exactly original.

Along comes Howard Phillips Lovecraft, a bright young spark who touches upon the most crippling and universal fear to sustain for the centuries to come: the unknown. Between existential dread and - god forbid - really hard maths, Lovecraft had begun to mine a vein of fear previously untapped, and today we are going to have a look at ten of the ways in which he managed it. Into the abyss we go...


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