10 Weirdest WWII Stories You Probably Haven't Heard

Can the truth be stranger than fiction. Yes, it most definitely can be!

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Every war generates stories, and the Second World War is not an exception. A lot of the tales we all know, through films, TV and first-hand accounts (come on, everybody knows an 'Uncle Albert').

When the whole world goes to war with itself, the gloves come off and nothing is off the table.

When you disengage the safeties and consider all ideas, no matter how insane they sound, people get inventive. Amongst the unbelievable things that you see here are experimental weapons intended for use. Some are genuinely uplifting stories from a very dark time in human history, showing that even in war humanity can still shine through. Others are plans that have to be filed under 'That's just crazy enough to work', showing just how creative mankind can become when freedom is threatened. Some, however, are just absolute lunacy born out of desperation.

What you will see here are only some of the strangest stories to emanate from WWII - there are many more out there (which will be covered at a later date, almost certainly.) For now, here are ten to intrigue your interest.

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