10 Weirdest WWII Stories You Probably Haven't Heard

8. Adolfina Hitler?

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Brace yourselves, this one is beyond crazy! In 1941, the war wasn't going well for the Allies. France was under Nazi occupation; America was resistant to enter another European war (How one Sunday in December would change that!) and Britain had suffered a defeat (cleverly disguised as a victory) at Dunkirk. Churchill was desperate, and desperation always brings out the crazy in people. With a military victory seeming increasingly unlikely at this point, it was deemed that victory would have to come by destabilising the Nazi Party.

What did they come up with? Well, the plan was to make Hitler more feminine. Yes, you heard me right! Since Hitler had a sister, the British War Cabinet had a template to work from, Paula Hitler. She was a meek and docile woman, who just wanted everyone to get along instead of being an all-conquering despot. The Special Operations Executive in their infinite wisdom, believed that a more feminine Hitler would be more like his sister, and therefore less hell-bent on world domination.

Since poisoning was a non-starter due to the army of tasters that checked everything that Hitler ate, coupled with the fact that killing him may have left a power vacuum that Goebbels or Himmler could have stepped into, they decided that poisoning him with oestrogen with its lack of taste or odour, would be perfect. Their thinking was that, if Hitler was perceived as 'weak', it would lead to the downfall of the Third Reich.

What they hadn't factored in, is the fact that it was bat s**t crazy!

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