10 Weirdly Pretentious Adverts That Make No Damn Sense

Celebrating those toe-curling times when the advertisers disappeared up their own behinds.

There is much left to be desired when it comes to television: sitcoms with the same plots set in different cities across the US, D-list performers looking for a comeback, epic movies with half their content censored for general audiences, and the worst of all: commercials. Not only is the amount of commercials on television downright seizure inducing, but the production value, marketing angle, and length of some commercials leaves us thinking, "what did I just watch?". In a world where there are three major types of commercials (cars, food, and service) for the most part, I understand that there is plenty of competition to have the best commercial; the one commercial that people remember. I have, though, several times remembered a commercial, but have not been able to remember what product the commercial was for. Something is definitely wrong when a potential consumer can't remember your product. So with that in mind, I've compiled a list of ten commercials that were so notoriously artistic and/or overly produced for consumers' viewing pleasure that we almost completely missed the point of it, which was to sell us a product that would enhance our lifestyles. If your favorite ridiculous commercial doesn't appear on this list, please do the world a favor and submit it in the comments down below so we can show the production companies who throw hundreds of thousands of dollars away on them to just stop it.
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