10 Wonderful Things You Didn't Know You Could Do On Spotify

In-house karaoke machine? Hell yeah, baby.

The day Spotify entered this world was the day we saw our friends for who they really were. Suddenly, musical libraries once kept within personal storage were now on public playlists for the world to see... and then there was Facebook. Ah yes - like everything, the Zuckerberg machine was eager to get it's finger in this pie; and to the shock of us all, our friends could see every single track we listened to announced on social media. We now know that there's a "private session" setting on Spotify, but unfortunately for some it's too late: the world and their aunt are already aware that your top-played tracks are by Nickelback and Susan Boyle. Of course, some of us have inexplicably excellent musical taste, and Spotify is just a source to show that off. Whatever your ears find pleasing, there's plenty of fun apps, tricks, and hidden surprises on the audible directory which extend further than just music. It's when you begin to properly explore the massively popular streaming library for these lesser-known features, as we did, that you realise you've barely used it. To our delight, there were some wonderful gems to be found...
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